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Gift Generously.

Live Generously.

Generosity should never be complicated

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Your question may be answered below. If not, a member of our concierge team would be happy to assist you.


And of course, if you want some expertise planning a great experience, drop us a note below.

  • What's wrong with traditional gift cards?
    Let’s face it, traditional gift cards exist to benefit the retailers and banks more than the giftee. When you purchase a traditional gift card, the recipient rarely spends exactly the pre-set amount. And if less than the pre-set amount is spent, the Giver's money is wasted. If more is spent, the giftee has to foot the bill to enjoy their gift. That's rubbish isn't it? The only one who wins in this situation is the company issuing the card. And, truth be told, traditional gift cards can seem a bit, well, impersonal. A gift card can be purchased last minute at the drugstore, like an afterthought. Generous Experience Cards, are easy to purchase, are never an afterthought, and don't result in wasted money or the giftee paying for their gift.
  • How do Generous Experience Cards differ from gift cards?
    Generous Experience Cards are quite different from traditional gift cards. First, they’re personalized. As the gifter, you create a unique, curated experience that matches the giftee’s personal taste. Spending is different, too. With a Generous Experience Gift Card, the giftee can enjoy your gifted experience without worrying about exceeding any pre-set limit. And when the experience has been enjoyed, you’re only charged the amount spent on the experience plus a small service fee-- no more, no less. Traditional gift cards have their place, but when you want that extra, personal touch, give an Experience Gift card.
  • How much do experience cards cost?
    At Generous, we believe there should never be a penalty for Generosity. You’re charged only for the amount of the experience you’ve chosen for the giftee, plus a minimal processing charge (similar to the usage charges on a Visa or MasterCard gift card). So, if you want your giftee to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa and think this will cost $200, set a slightly higher limit on the card. You’ll only be charged for the cost of the experience once it’s been enjoyed.
  • Can Generous Givers limit how much can be spent?
    We want our Giftees to enjoy their experience, knowing that all the charges are taken care of, but we also want our Givers to enjoy the giving experience without worry that your generosity will break the bank. For further security we by default set a spend limit per card. And we encourage our Givers to set a generous limit per card. Our concierges will work with you to help set reasonable limits so that you can be generous with confidence.
  • Are experience cards secure?
    Generous Experience Cards are Visa and Mastercards, so they come with the same security and fraud measures. We take our customer’s personal security very seriously. Generous will never release your information or the information of the giftee without your permission.
  • When will Generous Experience Cards be available?
    We’re so glad to hear you’re interested in living Generously. Because we refuse to offer anything less than a flawless Generous Experience, we’re still perfecting our platform. Thank you for being Generous with your patience. Drop us a note below and we will alert you when cards are ready to ship.
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