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Gift Generously.

Live Generously.

Introducing Generous Experience Cards

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Generous Cards let you gift experiences, not just money


Giftees use the card to pay for their experience, and that is what is charged back to the Generous Giver



The value of on the Generous Card intelligently equals the exact amount needed to pay for an experience, not more not less

Feeling Generous?

How It Works

How It Works


Selects a card option,

Sets card's max budget,

Tells us how to deliver card.

(beautifully designed physical or e-card)


Enjoys an experience,

Pays as with any credit card.

(can dispose of card or keep for future use via a re-up)


Receive notification that experience was enjoyed.

(Giver is charged exact cost of experience + processing fee)

Card Options

Generous Card Options

Generous Experience Gold Card

Generous Experience Gold Card

Give the gift of an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.  With the Generous Experience Gold Card, the giftee is treated to a single, curated experience. Whether it’s dinner at an exclusive restaurant or a afternoon at the spa, with the Generous Experience Gold Card, the giftee can relax in the comfort of your Generosity.

Generous Experience Platinum Card

Shopping Experience Platinum Card

The Shopping Experience Platinum Card is perfect for the giftee who loves to shop. Indulge your giftee in some well-deserved retail therapy without worry; you can set a Generous limit on the card for the most energetic shopaholics.

Generous Experience Red Card

Allowance Experience Red Card

For those that deserve regular generous experiences. The Allowance Experience Red Card works much like a debit card, allowing the giftee to charge for many different experiences over a set time period of your choosing. Think a weekend getaway or night on the town. The giftee experiences will be paid for, but you’ll have the security of a set-duration and set-limit on total expenses.

Generous Experience Black Card

Luxury Experience Black Card

For the ultimate indulgence, give the gift of a Luxury Experience Black Card. The Generous Black Card gives the giftee an entire day of memorable, curated experiences. This truly is full-service pampering for your giftee.

Experience Ideas

Experience Ideas

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